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What customers say about us

  • MasterKube can integrate with any mobile device. I miss coding with MasterKubetechnology now, as I was more productive with MasterKube , than the current technology I use now.

    Software Developer
  • MasterKube developed this scalable software dedicated to ISL.We were very happy with the performance and the after sales service given to us by Masterkube.

    Customer who uses applications
    built on MasterKube
  • I like the idea of MasterKube. I think having interactional interface leads to a new development model.

    Leading Computer Science Reasearcher
  • We have been developing frontend for a solution (with ExtJS framework) using MasterKube at the backend. The usability of masterkube, it navigational structure of process - instance - actions and it's console gave us all information in 1 place which happened to be a great deal in rapidly developing the frontends and extending them at will. Our security considerations are limited to just properly exposing the user space. The backend takes care of the rest.

    HTML5 Developer

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