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Smart Mobility Platform

Be pervasive with your business interactions. Deliver Business Interactions over the ubiqutous Interaction Navigator.

The interactions that are created with MasterKube are expressed as hyper media. An Interaction navigator App is available employing which interactions can be obsereved in the mobile app. Better mobile experiences can be created by creating more intutive apps.

Enterprise processes are expressed as choreography of interactions. Interaction genereated by MasterKube can be observed by clients.

To make these observations register with the client, the first step is to create a client link to the space that is to be observed. So for example if the purpose is to point to a User JohnDoe, then the space name would be http://domainname:port/......User/JohnDoe. The client app setting is opened to enter the appropriate space that is to be entered.

The space is tested with the test button and a save button appears. This ensures the space is saved to the client app. Once the entries are saved, all interactions that are available in this URL space can be observed by the client app.

Observations of all interactions can now be observed by the client app. The different elements that can be observed by the mobile app currently are String, Date, number, latitude longitude and images.

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