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Deliver more with less code

Enterprise software is now built on sequential machine. Business processes requirements are first elicited as Use case steps. These requirements are converted to design by Expert software designers and data base designers. These designs are convereted to executable code.

Imagine a software technology in which you can directly write these requirements usecase steps into executable coding steps. MasterKube technology lets businesses specifiy the behaviours they want the computer to simulate and then execute those directly in MasterKube software layer. The software layer exposes the steps and these can be exposed in a html5 UI. This reduction in the extra layers like the design and data base design, saves effort. Also the number of lines to be authored by the business is significantly less there by improving productivity.

For the first time now it is possible for business to express enterprise problems directly. A complete multimodal container management solution has been developed by a business analyst and a UI designer/coder. The whole code base is just under 30Kilo lines of code.

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