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Digital interconnection of people and things any where any time is changing behavour and will lead to the next hyper-connected economy. This hyper-connected economy, needs technology which model a Society of Interacting Agents in Real Time anytime anywhere (mobile). MasterKube technology, with its unique Interaction Oriented Programming, is the only technology, which can model Interactions. Leverage MasterKube technology and SMART-en your enterprise to stay relevant in this globally hyper-connected world.

Limitations of Current Software paradigm

Computing technology i.e the languages and other artifacts are built for a world in which computers were residing in a central computer host (a.k.a in computer parlance single address space). With the advent of a hyper-connected world , data that is generated in the edge devices, needs to be transported to a central host to be processed. This leads to undesirable information latency leading and delayed processing. Isnt it better to operate your enteprise like a human nervous system?, Where hyperconnected local agents, take immediate actions in real time with information available and signals the central agent of the action taken. This increases responsiveness. Hyper-connected world needs more responsive, agile, agent oriented, secure information systems. Is your information technology working with the centralised approach or are you working on a more decentralized agent based information technology paradigm?

MasterKube Paradigm - How is it different?

The objective in MasterKube software technology is to create interactions, which can be observed by a human or another computer. The interaction oriented programming, gives the programmer control of which interaction to expose. The exposed interactions can be observed by an observer. Programming in this paradigm, is to specify which other interactions will unfold when a particular interaction is interacted with. The interactions are exposed as http URL's. As all state transitions are exposed as Interactions, the system generate REST compliant HATEOAS systems. Like Class in Object oriented programming creates reusable components, Agent is the reusable component in MasterKube. Interaction unfolding sequences can be packaged into an agent and can be repeated over and over to create complex interaction complexes. Unlike an Object which has a hierarchial relationships , agent relationships are autonmous. These agents can autonmously operate and respond to different actions. This link ( http://www.masterkube.com/hateoas_technology.html) shows an example of coding in MasterKube langauge.

The Interactive world with Autonomous agents.

Imagine a world in which patients, providers, hostpitals, payors all operate seamlessly in a real time environment by interacting with each other OR Imagine a world in which the smart containers negotiating their way through their supply route moving in and out of vessels, trucks, customs etc. by interacting with the environment.

Break free from limits placed on your current software technology

MasterKube technology with its unique Interaction oriented approach can allow your enterprise to operate at real time giving feedback to process stakeholders dynamicaly at runtime. Wow your stakeholders and increase stakeholder stickiness.

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