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NoBPM: Automate your process with interactions

Interactions are observations made by human beings or other computers. A Leave Management system in an Enterprise is choreography of 6 interactions observed by humans. The different interactions are a)Leave Apply, b)Receive the approvals, c)Show all leaves for approval to approver , d)Approve Leave, e) Deny leave, f) Approve notification to HR and g) on Deny notification to employee . These interactions are choreographed as per organizational structure in a particular enterprise. Currently, sequential languages are employed to create a solution. These sequential languages don't have facilities to define and sequence these interactions directly. Programs are written to generate these interactions after reading from a secondary storage like Database. MasterKube the platform allows users to define the different interactions and sequence them directly.

To accomplish this flow in the current programming paradigm, either a product with Leave Management functionality needs to be procured or it has to be built by with sequential tool sets available. These two choices have limits, as the product purchased, with its limited variability forces the organization to adapt to the enterprise flows to fit the product. The other option, to build a bespoke system is opted, comes with its own risks, as the tool sets don't provide the right functionality to build a process.

MasterKube steps into this vacuum with a platform and language on which processes can be configured easily. In MasterKube language, it is possible to directly model this leave management process as choreography of interactions. Due to its unique interactional programming paradigm of choreographing interactions allows creation of custom built process cost effectively with fewer defects. Finally it is possible to have a custom built solution at the price of a product.

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