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Operate in Real Time

IN THE BEGINNING, there was batch processing: ERP and supply chain systems and data warehouses. Geared for monthly planning and analysis, these systems talked to one another, if at all, using proprietary interfaces and query-based messaging architectures. Often, managers couldn't see what was going on in their businesses until it was too late to react. For many organizations little has changed, and executives are still making key decisions based on batches of sales, manufacturing, and other critical data that is days, weeks, or even months old. In an information-driven economy, where competitors are acting on what's happening now and not what happened last month, the batch approach just isn't good enough.

So technologies should enable businesses to operate in real time. The technologies which promise Real Time information should have some fundamental difference. The basic characteristics that enable RTE exhibit are a) Process automation that bridge distinct enterprise boundaries, media, and information systems. b) Real-time provision and exchange of information with customers, employees, partners, and suppliers, c) Processes that ensure this information is current and consistent throughout the network, d) Event-driven processes forming a sense-and-respond approach that minimizes manual input, batch processing, delays, and inventory; and e)High adaptability.

All process automation now is based on input output functions. Given an input, it triggers a procedure which produces an output, which is further piped into another procedure. The process automation so far now is now fully procedure oriented. The need in real time systems is to provision information services representing customers, employees partners and suppliers. These provisioned information services should be coordinated in complex information flow patterns which deliver value at the end of process. These services should be served in real time without the need for batch processing or other delay causing processes.

MasterKube with its Agent oriented technology can deploy light weight agents distributed over geographies which process information in real time. These lightweight agents can compute and make decisions on event driven basis, delivering a very smart information system. These agents can be hyperlinked with each other to create complex value network shapes. These entperprise source could be an existing information resource, a human being, a device at the edge of the enterprise network. These agents are hot deployable so the change in the requirement is affected immediately making the over all enteprise more adaptive.

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