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Simplify Technology Stack

Simplify Programming: Skip the existing programming, and use MasterKube software technology. With its unique interaction paradigm, exposes all state as interactions (manifested as Hypertext) thereby delivering on the final REST constraint.

Simplify Modelling: Applications are delivered by first recording requirements as use case steps along with UI interactions. These use case steps are then convereted into execution code, by first designing (programs/databases) and then by writing/testing the code before deploying the final solution. MasterKube technology with its unique interaction paradigm, simplifies SDLC to just modelling interactions and exposing interactions in a UI.

Simplify Business Process Modelling: Use MasterKube technology and create complex business processes with no additional worlflow or collaboration tool set.

Simplify your Security Implementation: Use MasterKube Technology to introduce into your systems complex role based security.

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